Friday, 27 July 2012

BitterSweet Weekend XD

LAST weekend was a bittersweet time indeed for me.. WHY? On 21st of July, my final sem result finally came out.. During my study in UMS, never before result came out soooo early.. Usually the result will come out few days before entering the new sem.. Well, I was quite happy that they came out early because I want to apply job.. 

HOWEVER, the outcome was really bitter for me.. I was hoping that I will get GPA 3.00 > for my final sem but it didn't.. When I looked at my result, my heart was broken into pieces.. I was extremely disappointed because my result was too far away from my expectation. I got 2.5@2.6 (cant really remember) if I'm not mistaken.. I felt very angry until I can't really remember what I got this sem.. And I was not willing to check back because I was frustrated.. 

I was disappointed with Plant Design where I got C for it.. Did u know how frustrated am I to know that i got C? I've put so much time on it yet I still got C. My life in my final sem was miserable because of it. How on earth I got C, while, one of my group members able to get A for it.. My work too bad is it? I don't think so.. My other one group member also has the same fate like me.. 

WHY oh WHY.. I cannot believe it.. This was all examiner' fault.. 

Besides that, I was also disappointed with my final year project where I've got B only.. I was expecting B+ above.. I guess my examiner really didn't satisfied with my work.. I already knew it from my VIVA after she commented few things..  It's not my fault, I just followed my supervisor's advice.. I just didn't deserved to get B since this was kinda a new research. So simply give my B only.. I already suggested few things to my supervisor but he said no need.. Was it my fault too????? I just FOLLOWED my supervisor..

Sigh... BUT I know that the pointer doesn't matter because overall, I still got above 3 for my CGPA.. However, I was still frustrated because I was hoping to do well in my final sem, AT LEAST, getting dean list ONCE.. But that was only a dream that I will never will achieve. 

HOWEVER, this disappointment, I tried to forget where at the same time also, my family and I was spending our weekend at Miri Marriott Resort and Spa.. I played tennis (my second time ever to play tennis) and did some workouts at the gym.. After that, we went to Waterfront to have seafood for dinner.. Was kinda sad no crab available that time :( Then, straight after dinner, we went back to Marriott, and my 2 sisters (Cath and Daph) and Daph's friend, MeiMei and myself went to the swimming pool to have some fun although we don't know how to swim.. Well, I still love to go to swimming pool.. 
Seafooood... XD

At Marriott Lobby
Oh yes, before I finished my post, I would like to comment on recent released movie, Dark Knight Rises (Batman).. Damn I super hate the antagonist called Bane ( Tom Hardy).. Feel like want to punch his face jak.. Haha.. The movie took almost 3 hours and it costs me RM10 at Star Cineplex Miri.. At first, when I bought the ticket, I felt that the ticket was kinda expensive for a small cinema.. However, after I watched the movie, I felt that my RM10 was really worth it.. Why??? Because the movie was SUPER AWESOME.. I must say that it was 10 times better than AVENGERS.. Can't believe it?? Go watch it then :D
Christian Bale (Batman) and Anne Hathaway (Catwoman)


  1. ngegeh.. dah nangga batman.. =(

  2. susah bah mok nangga time posa tok.. weh.. buang verification code kau ya.. susah mok komen.. aku dah la fail bab2 code mcm ya.. haha

  3. yala susah kan time posa tok..huhu..bah2.. lak la..haha..