Saturday, 14 July 2012

The End Of My University Life =)

IT was great to end my university life finally after 4 years of suffering on the 3rd of July 2012 where I have officially submitted my thesis. My feeling during that time was null. No overjoy feeling. Perhaps, I already overjoyed after my viva which was on the 2nd of July. However, I am proud with myself that I finally able to finished my study in bachelor of chemical engineering. It was SUPERRRR tough indeed especially in my FINAL year aka the MOST HATED year where I was completely SHOCKED with loads of assignments. , I'm glad that it was all over. Phewwww...  

C Nenek after viva..

Eping, Eling and Tausa.. 

Aisah and Chris.. 

HOWEVER, although university life has gave me suffering, it also gave me the memorable experiences on which I have experienced with my coursemates. They are the best coursemates after all. Although I dislike chemical engineering, I still love my coursemates the most (although the guys arent gentlemen and handsome as the guys from other engineering courses.. Wakaka). I cant imagine if I was with other engineering courses. The guys are so open minded, no worry hanging out with them. The girls, I just loved to make fun with. Overall, they are just UNIQUE.

FEW days before I left KK and after my thesis was submitted, I did a  lot of activities especially food activities since I love food so much. Guess what?? I'd spent almost RM100 in 2 days just for food! I went to the Korean BBQ restaurant in Likas with Karen and Uncle Ben to have my longing SAMGYEOPSAL where we spent almost RM30 per person (Luckily got 30% discount). It was delicious but the portion was too little for RM27. After lunch, we went to watch movie 'Amazing Spiderman' in Suria Sabah and had our dinner in Upperstar. This time I ate nasi lemak king instead of grilled lambchop ( I had this everytime I went to Upperstar). It is good to have something different sometimes. But still I prefer having lambchop.

Uncle Ben at Korean BBQ Rest.. :)

Miss Karen.. 

The Korean BBQ Rest Signboard 

Uncle Ben and Karen posing before AMAZING SPIDERMAN

My Nasi Lemak King ! 

NEXT day, I also had a great time where I went to Karamunsing for Karaoke-ing with some frens from computer and civil eng. I love karaoke-ing so much. The best karaoke-ing experience that I've ever had was during my 3rd year with my fellow coursemates where we karaoke-ing until 3 am in Suria Sabah. Crazy huh? 

Flash back:The effect of karaoke-ing until 3 am..

Boss still energetic with the blanket provided by the karaoke  place

And after karaoke-ing, we went to Waterfront to have seafood at a stall belong to a former Sutera Harbour Resort chef. It was very satisfyinggggg and hopefully it will be still open for my convo time later in the October. 

NEXT day, again I spent so much. Had lunch in a Malay restaurant opposite of Sutera Harbour where I paid RM11 for fish, daun ubi, and sirap bandung. So expensiveeeee and not worth the money.. huh.. I just forgot that fish in KK usually cost u RM5.. Never mind.. Too late.. Then, we went for a movie called BRAVE in Suria Sabah after sending a fren to the airport. The movie was okay, never expected that the conflict of the story was the mother of the main character became a bear. But then, it worth my money though.

AND finally to conclude my story here, just want to say that I had great experiences in KK during my 4 years study. The experiences were just irreplaceable. Many lengzai somemore.. My eyes always fully cleaned.. Hihihi.. But shamed that I never went to any Sabah Islands.. haha.. never mind. I just go there with my Sarawakian frens la in some other times. I think that's all for now for my first blog post! What do u think of my first blogpost ? Not bad huh for a first timer? =)


  1. hi, there, it's my first time here..spiderman new movie was soo amazing !! hihi :D

    1. hey there.. thanks for stopping by.. :) yea, but there still more room for improvement